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What is a CPO?

Certified Pool Operator training is a nationally recognized course followed by written examination which teaches advanced techniques in safety, water chemistry, maintenance, and management. This course is recognized as the standard in the industry. The CPO seal of approval is assurance to pool and spa owners, from motels to Olympic-sized municipal and college pools, that their facilities and their swimmers are under the supervision of trained certified professionals. Those who complete the program and examination receive certification and a registration number which is valid for five years in all 50 states.

Who Should Attend?

Service Technicians, Pool Directors, Pool Managers, Health Inspectors, Apartment/Condo/Building Managers, Recreation Directors, Engineering Staff, Spa Personnel, Maintenance Personnel, Aquatic Staff, Recreation Facility Managers, or any community recreation centers, swim clubs, municipalities, hotels, motels, swim parks, resorts, health clubs, country clubs, colleges, universities, military installations, hospitals, schools any facility with a pool, spa, or aquatic feature.


Why Do You Need Training?

The CPO course is a training program specifically designed to meet the needs of supervisory or operations personnel working in public and semipublic recreational pools or water park facilities. As a pool or spa operator, you are obligated to provide a clean, disease free, and safe facility. Your facility must be kept in good operating order and needs to operate efficiently. Only an individual with suitable training and experience is qualified to meet these responsibilities.